I attended the opening film, which this year was the Spanish language film La Grand Family After a Michael Moore took the stage to welcome the opening to the festival’s 10th year, he offered a touching tribute to his recently deceased father, featuring a compilation of clips of his bit parts in Michael’s movies

. After introducing board members, —- who played —– came out onto the stage to introduce the film, she also returned at its conclusion to take questions. Daniel Sanchez Arevalo, directs a charming tale of a family of five brothers gathered together on the day of the youngest brother’s wedding. If 18 seems a bit young for people to get married, it’s important to understand the film opens with his surprise public proposal which took place in a classroom eight years earlier this s even is not only heartwarmingly cute, serves to provide needed background as well sets in place a critical plot line. The intertwining stories of each family member, reveals the inevitable sibling rivalries but also a few unexpected turns as the wedding ceremony is delayed by the father’s Heath all this occurs on the same day Spain is playing in the final game in the World Cup.

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