The Canyons

Lohan, The CanyonsDirected by Paul Schrader
written by Bret Easton Ellis

James Deen … Christian
Lindsay Lohan … Tara
Nolan Gerard Funk … Ryan
Amanda Brooks … Gina
Tenille Houston … Cynthia
Gus Van Sant … Dr. Campbell
Jarod Einsohn … Hoodie Guy
Chris Zeischegg … Reed
Victor of Aquitaine … Randall

The film opens with some powerful artistic shots of closed, abandon movie theaters, but fails to effectively connect those images to the story. The story centers around Christian, a 20 something trust-fund kid that seems to embody the worst stereotypes of LA. He has some vague connection to Hollywood, but not to those that work long and hard creating work of value; but only the sleaziest side of the business. He states that he is in love with Tara (Lohan), but he treats her as little more than a Sex-Toy to show off and share with others. However when he learns she is having an affair with Ryan, the lead of his film project; he revivals an even darker side to himself, one clearly capable of violence.

The Canyons held out the hope of being a quality film. It possessed a director, writer and female lead all with proven talent, and each with a need to make this film count.The problem is, films are as good as their weakest link, and this production is filled with weak links.

James Dean turned in three performances, before he died in a car accident, each worthy of an Oscar. Had he lived, he demonstrated the potential to be listed among one of the greatest actors in the history of cinema.
James Deen is a porn star. I appreciate his desire to appear in a main-stream film, and the guts it might take to cast him in such; but maybe the staring role was a bad place to start. The role of Christian could have been powerful in the hands of an actor with a mastery of his craft, instead we are left with a film that depends on a performance he is incapable of delivering. That said, he shines in comparison to several other performers, most notably Nolan Gerard Funk as Ryan. Again this was a character that had an immense amount of screen time, and managed to disappoint in every scene. Despite the considerable talent of Lindsay Lohan, there was nothing she could do to compensate for the flat, lack-luster performances of those sharing the scene.

Canyon Lohan

Let me say again, Lindsay Lohan has strong screen presence and let’s hope     she keeps “Clean” and finds herself projects worth her talent.

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