The Councelor

the-counselor-movie-poster, Lane LubellDirected by Ridley Scott
Written by Cormac McCarthy
Michael Fassbender … Counselor
Penélope Cruz … Laura
Cameron Diaz … Malkina
Javier Bardem … Reiner
Bruno Ganz … Diamond Dealer
Brad Pitt … Westray
Rosie Perez … Ruth

Music… Daniel Pemberton
Director of photography Dariusz Wolski …
Film Editing by Pietro Scalia

Aspect Ratio 2.35 : 1
Camera Red Epic, Panavision Primo and Angenieux Optimo Lenses

Lane J Lubell

Decisions have consequences, and in this film people pay dearly for each choice.

The movie opens with an artistically shot love scene, where we are introduced to a lawyer, refered to by everyone as “Counselor” (Michael Fassbender) and his beautiful lover Laura (Penélope Cruz).  We see by his Bentley cabriolet, and $4,000 suits that he is quite successful, additionally we watch him buy a very expensive diamond and ask  Laura to marry which he joyfully accepts.

We come to know that the counselor is motivated by greed as well as love, and to keep his lavish lifestyle afloat he is willing to invest in a major drug deal with his client/friend  Reiner (Javier Bardem) who is one that has obviously made millions from drug trafficking.  The Counselor drives up to a glass mansion on a hill that he shares with his lover Malkina (Cameron Diaz) to discuss the terms up the deal. Ominously, the Counselor keeps meeting drug dealers warning him of the dangers that are contacted to the decision he is about to make.

Watching Reiner and Malina, I found it impossible not to feel that they just stepped out of a Heineken commercial. Reiner seems unable to wear an piece of clothes that was not designed by Versace, and Malina is as beautiful and dangerous as the two cheetahs she has as pets. the Counselor meets Westray(Pitt) a drug dealer, one tier down from Reiner, who also takes the time to warn him of just how ruthless these drug cartels can be, not just to anyone they suspect of crossing them, but also to those connected to the trader.

I will not go in to detail, but it seems that Malkina Really loves this one yellow Ferrari.

I went to see the movie out of respect for Ridley Scott  and while there

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