Traverse City Film Festival 2016

FCFF 2016I look forward all year to the Traverse City Film Festival, and it seems it’s over before I can finish my twelfth tub of popcorn. We have always been a “Friend of the festival” so we get first crack at tickets, that actually is a big thing since many films quickly sell out.The process begins with having a hard-copy of the film list open on the table while reading the synopsis, and watching, the trailer for every film. The plan is to select about 20 films that look particularly interesting, and then to start penciling in films into time slots. Since many films have but two showings, conflicts quickly become apparent and necessitate hard choices. Even as a “Friend” ordering on the first day, some of my carefully planned selections will need to be swapped for second-choices. However, as I have found over the years, Michael Moore has great taste in films, so it’s hard to make a bad pick.

While I try to see a variety of movies, my principal reason for attending is that I’m a part of the team of documentary videographers that are producing content for the daily trailers that help promote the festival.  I, along with a handful of others, interview visiting filmmakers, providing insight into their movies and the obstacles they needed to traverse to  have their dreams realized.

This year was unique, in that Michael Moore, fed-up with the tiny percentage of American films that make use of female directors, set out to feature predominantly woman led films.His point was simple; he would select movies directed by women, and in no way sacrifice the overall quality of the festival-Of course he proven correct.

Marla Garlin TCFF   InfinitlyPolarBear_2016




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