Infinite Polar Bear

"Infinite Polar Bear" FCFF"

Written and Directed … Maya Forbes
Cinematography … Bobby Bukowski
Runtime 90 minutes Color
Aspect Ratio 1.78 : 1


Mark Ruffalo … Cam Stuart
Zoe Saldana … Maggie Stuart
Imogene Wolodarsky … Amelia Stuart
Ashley Aufderheide … Faith Stuart
Nekhebet Kum Juch … Kim
Manoah Angelo … Thurgood
Muriel Gould … Gaga
Tod Randolph … Ruth-Ann
Beth Dixon … Pauline Stuart
Keir Dullea … Murray Stuart

The film stars Mark Ruffalo as Cam, a charming, fun-loving man, who’s untreated bi-polar condition is likely the cause of a lifetime of him burning through a wealth of opportunities. He is a descendent of one of the most richest and most powerful families in Boston, but all of those resources are in the hands of his grandmother, who is as stingy as she is disconnected from reality.

As the film begins , his wife, Maggie (Zoe Saldana) has reached her limit, and takes their two girls, and attempts to drive off when Cam pulls the distributor cap, frantic; she calls the police. Maggie tries her best to support her family while Cam is off at a treatment facility The film is set in Boston in the 1970s, she is black, and realizes that she will never be able to get a good job without a masters degree. When she earns a full scholarship to Columbia She can see no way to attend, save to leave the children with Cam.

She is torn, she loves her kids, but knows this is the only way she will be able to provide for them, send them to a good school and later college. She also knows Cam loves his children, and they miss him terribly, but is he ready for the pressure of taking care of two kids when he has never been able to care for himself.

This is a film filled with love and sacrifice by well meaning people. The film is sensitively directed and superbly acted, giving us great insight into the challenges facing a person inflicted with bi-polar disease, particularly before current meds were available. This is easily Mark Ruffalo’s the best performance, and it is wonderful to Zoe Saldana in a non Sci-Fi roll, where her skin is not blue or green. This was a movie I missed during its theatrical release, with such a strong cast I’m surprised the studio did not promote the film more aggressively. I’m happy Michael Moore decided to bring this to the TCFF, and actually make this the opening film.

Larry Lubell.

InfinitlyPolarBear_2016Infinite Polar Bear  FCFF

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