Reviews 2013

Film Reviews 2013

I’m creating this page in April, as of yet, there have been few films released that have sent me, skipping down to the theater. This is not just a product of any waning interest on my part; studios time movies for maximum impact, both financial as well as artistic. Summer and Christmas is the time to release “Blockbusters,” and studios tend to release films they believe will have a chance to shine come Oscar season, tend to come out when it’s believed the academy members will be nearing the time when they cast votes.

The above explains why the list for 2013 is so thin; I promise that will change.

Warm Bodies

Evil Dead 2013

A Place Beyond The Pines

Dealin with Idiots

Evil Dead 2013

Man Of Steel

The Spectacular Now

Much ado about Nothing

Blue Jasmine


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