The Overnight

The Overnight, Film Review

Written and Directed by Patrick Brice

Cinematography by
Director of Photography … John Guleserian
Editing … Christopher Donlon

Runtime 79 min Color
Aspect Ratio 1.85 : 1
Cameras: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Lomography Petzval Lens
Canon EOS C500, Zeiss Super Speed Lenses
GoPro HERO3+

Adam Scott … Alex
Taylor Schilling … Emily
Jason Schwartzman … Kurt
Judith Godrèche … Charlotte
R.J. Hermes … RJ
Kyle Field … Wade
Sarah DeVincentis … Dawn
Max Moritt … Max
Susan Traylor … Breast Pump Doctor

The film opens with an awkward morning sex scene between Alex (Adam Scott) and his wife Emily (Taylor Schilling) who are trying to complete the task before their son inevitably barges into their room. “circles, move in bigger circles,” is Emily’s cry to her husband as she tries to reach climax, a level neither achieves as the both turn to self stimulation; but 90% “there” they are interrupted by their inquisitive son. They quickly cover up, frustrated they start their day.

Alex, Emily, and their young son, RJ, have recently moved to Los Angeles. Emily has job that demands much of her time, leaving Alex home to care for the house and RJ. Tired of feeling isolated, Alex is desperate for both playdates for R.J. and friendships with adults for him and Emily. Today R.J. has a party in the park for the birthday of a child from his new school. Alex, felling it’s a chance to meet people, gets upset when Emily tells him she needs to stop into work. He takes his son to the park alone, but is surprised when she shows up. They are both happy to find their son has made a friend in a boy named Max. They are particularly pleased when they meet Max’s parent’s Kurt, Charlotte and Alex jumps at their invitation to dinner at their home.

Adam, Emily and RJ  arrive at the home of Kurt and Charlotte, surprised to find the home is behind a gate, and when the doors open they reveal an expensive, quite fashionable residence. Adam is mortified that Emily brought a bottle of $2 Buck Chuck wine, and in a quick attempt to save face, rips off the label and presents it with a story about it coming from a friend’s private vineyard. Dinner is served outside a while later the two boys go off to play. Emily insists it’s getting late for JR and they should get him home, Kurt and Charlotte explain that they shouldn’t have to end the evening so early, better to just let R.J. and Max have a sleepover. They all go upstairs and watch as Kurt turns on a light light, that as it turns it fills the room with soft green points of light. and then he play an abstract lullaby on a small digital keyboard. Oddly this works.

With the kids fast asleep, the 4 adults return downstairs where Kurt and Charlotte’s actions take on an every increasing level of  sexual energy.

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