End of the Tour

imageDirected by James Ponsoldt
Written by ….Donald Margulies
Screenplay by….David Lipsky
Cinematography by …. Jakob Ihre
Music by … Danny Elfman

Mamie Gummer … Julie

Jesse Eisenberg … David Lipsky
Anna Chlumsky … Sarah
Jason Segel … David Foster Wallace
Joan Cusack … Patty
Ron Livingston … David Lipsky’s Editor

End of the Tour, review
The end of The Tour was actually the Opening night movie.for the festival.

End of tour

Jeff Garlin filled in for Michael Moore, who for the first time had his his film career conflict with the opening of the festival. Jeff, welcomed everyone with a short, funny, and wholly appropriate intro to the festival and brought up onto the stage the board of the festival,

This film follows a young writer, David Lipsky, who had recently published his first novel, as he convinces his employer Rolling Stone to send him out to interview novelist David Foster Wallace. Rolling Stone’s plan was to for Lipsky to follow Wallace on the last 5 days of his book tour after the 1996 publication of Wallace’s novel, ‘Infinite Jest,” to dig up dirt about a rumor of drug use; Lipsky, however, has a far more personal reason for pursuing the interview.

Jason Segel turns in an unexpected performance as David Foster Wallace, one quite distinct from the types of light comedies for which he is commonly cast. He shows un a character that is smart, with a great gift, yet is vulnerable and fighting against a darkness that is always just below the surface. Lipsky desperately  craves the fame and accolades that  Wallace  has received, the film shows us the price that can come with success.

The showing was followed by live simulcast Q&A with the director.

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