Top 14 Movies of 2014

Happy New Year!

With 2014 in our rear-view-mirror, I have compiled a list of my 14 favorite films of 2014. I like making lists, I want to clarify that this is NOT my list of predictions of which films will take home Oscars, but rather the 14 films that I most enjoyed this year.

Studios often release films they feel have the best chance of winning awards the last days of the year; so there are several movies, with Oscar buzz, that I have yet to see. Some of the films on this list are not all necessarily “The best” but were just some of the most fun.

Additionally, this year, I have asked a collection of people to also submit lists.

Lane Lubell

Brock Hall

Larry Lubell

Here are a few trailers for films that were released in 2014 and are contenders for Oscars.



The Grand Budapest Hotel

St. Vincent

Big Eyes


The Throry of Everything




Gone Girl



Under the Skin

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