Cockneys VS Zombies

Cockneys VS Zombies

Cast and crew
Rasmus Hardiker
Harry Treadaway
Michelle Ryan
Jack Doolan
Georgia King
Ashley Thomas
Director: Matthias Hoene
Produced by: James Harris, Matthias Hoene, Mark Lane
Screenwriter: James Moran
Cinematography: Daniel Bronks
Editing By: Neil Farrell, John Palmer
Music By: Jody Jenkins

No one could ever accuse this film of false pretenses, The name clearly describes both its plot as well as the tone. Set in present-day London, the film opens with construction workers uncovering a sealed crypt bearing a warning, which true to all horror movies they of course ignore. Justice is swift for those that “Piss-off” monsters, as they become the first victims and release Zombies on an unsuspecting city. As these Zombies limp on their slow search of “Food” we are introduced to brothers who are comically ill-equipped to pull-off their plan to rob a bank. Step one, they assemble their team beginning with an extremely well-armed man that is very large and clearly mentally unstable. A friend that has a propensity to politely ask-out the victims of his crimes, and a female cousin that is clear and away, the most competent member of the team.

Cut to a Senior citizen home that is in the process of closing and kicking out all it’s residents so the land can be used as a part of the major project that includes the Zombie producing crypt. The tough, self-appointed leader of the seniors turns out to be the grandfather of the brothers, and we learn their robbery’s sole purpose is to obtain the money needed to care for the grandfather that raised them and his friends.

As we clearly guessed, the bank job is one blunder after another resulting with the bank being surrounded by street filled with police. With no option for escape the dim-witted, over-sized psycho decides to grab two hostages over the objections of the other robbers. As they make their way out of the bank they find the cops being eaten by an army of zombies. The rest of the movie is race to hold onto the 3 million dollars while battling zombies and saving the people in the retirement home.

Screenwriter, James Moran and Director: Matthias Hoene create a film that is campy and fun to watch. Clearly, this is not “Citizen Kane,” it’s not even “Night of the Living Dead.” It is to fine cinema as Doritos and a coke is to fine-dining; but sometimes junk-food hits the spot.

Larry Lubell

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