Dallas Buyers Club

dallas-buyers-club- Lane J LubellDirected by …Jean-Marc Vallée
Screenplay … Craig Borten Melisa Wallack
Jared Leto … Rayon
Matthew McConaughey … Ron Woodroof
Jennifer Garner … Dr. Eve Saks
Denis O’Hare … Dr. Sevard
Steve Zahn … Tucker
Dallas Roberts … David Wayne
James DuMont … Rayon’s Father
Camera Arri Alexa
Negative Format Digital



Lane Lubell

Based on a true story that begins in 1985, Ron Woodroof is a good-old-boy from Texas that ekes out a living as an electrician and rides bulls at the local rodeo. Getting thrown from a bucking- bull is not the only danger to his health, it seems that the only time he stops drinking is to snort cocaine or have unprotected sex from prostitutes. We watch his life-style choices and diminishing health leading to him being brought to a hospital. Two doctors walk into his room and inform him that he has been diagnosed as H.I.V.-positive. Convinced that H.I.V. is something only “Fags” get; he is unwilling to accept their test results, the fact that they give him a mere 30 days to live does not make the news easier. Ron has always lived hard and been tough, and announces ‘There ain’t nothing that can kill me in no 30 days.”

His health is so greatly deteriorated that he begins to research the AIDS and comes to realize that he probably does in fact have H.I.V. but he as reason to believe that there are drugs and treatment out there that can at least greatly postpone his death. He comes to realize that the FDA is standing in the way of letting sick patients get new experimental drugs; so he decides to go around them. scientific community including his concerned

The once homophobic Ron, slowly comes to find that his former hospital roommate, a transsexual AIDS patient named Rayon (Jared Leto) can be a useful business partner in selling the unsanctioned H.I.V. drugs he’s bringing into the US. After run-ins with the FDA, he hits on the idea of not charging for the meds, but charging for “Memberships” in a club that gives the drugs away free to it’s members.
The only physician he comes in contact with back home that truly seems to care is Dr. Eve Saks
(Jennifer Garner), and the two for a bond. In fact she might be the only woman in his life that he respects.

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