My Internship In Canada

MY INTERNSHIP IN CANADAWritten and Directed … Philippe Falardeau
Cinematography … Ronald Plante
Runtime 108 minutes Color
Aspect Ratio 2.35 : 1

Patrick Huard … Steve Guibord
Suzanne Clément … Suzanne
Clémence Dufresne-Deslières … Lune
Sonia Cordeau … Stéphanie Caron-Lavallée
Paul Doucet … Premier ministre
Jules Philip … Maire
Dangelo Néard … Optimiste
Robin Aubert … Rodrigue
Ellen David … Allison
Micheline Lanctôt … Mairesse
Alexis Martin … Conseiller du Premier ministre
In this year, with all the insanity Trump has brought to the election, it’s fun to watch a bit of political dysfunction based in Canada. Lune is a 20 something Haitian political science student, just arrived in a rural northern area of Quebec to start his internship. with an MP, Steve Guibord, that seems to only have gotten elected due to a short stint in the NFL about 20 years before. Lune follows the MP around as he muddles through his job, which is predominately attempting to open roads that have been blocked, alternately, by the native tribe or the logging industry.

Events line up that Guibord, a third tier politician, is suddenly the possible tie vote in a major national decision and all sides and interest are courting his vote. As pressure mounts, it is actually Lune that recognizes a path for Guibord to keep the peace. This comedy is filled with a menagerie of quirky locals and manipulative national power players. This film is truly laugh out-loud funny.

Larry Lubell

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