Traverse City Film Festival 2012

I have had the good fortune to be part of a team documenting this year’s Travis City film festival. I was excited when my parents asked me, if possible, would I be interested spending 10 days helping out at the film fest; My great love of movies coupled with my desire to spend a summer free from spider-filled cabins that appear to be a main-stay of summer camps, gave me hope of the prospect of having a great summer. In the weeks leading to the festival, the details of my job description slowly came in to focus as it was gradually reviled that, rather than setting up chairs, and carrying boxes, I would be asked to bring my camera equipment and be sent to various venues to document screening, interviews and parties.

As one that was excited to play any role, it is difficult to explain my sense of awe that I would be asked to be one of group of  professionals contributing footage to help create a record and convey the excitement and message of this, the 8th Travis City Film Festival. That some image, some vision, a suggestion or idea of mine, would be taken seriously and find it’s way into a final project seen by filmmakers who’s work I greatly respect  is really very exciting. I cannot in good conscience continue without making it clear that the opportunity I was given was the direct result of Jeff and Marla Garlin, who’s friendship with Michael Moore, and dedication to the fest, opened a door and gave myself and close friend, James Garlin an amazing learning experience.

In addition to having credentials identifying me as a part of the film team; I also have the extra luxury of having a second set of passes listing me as a “Guest” of the festival. The combination has given me nearly unlimited access, and the opportunity to spend quality time with a variety of gifted people in so many different aspects of the film industry. While the styles of the films, and roles and resposibilities very greatly, there is a common thread weaving through all I encounter, a true passion for the art of film. There is no one I have met that seems to in-body that more than Michael Moore, while his clothes are casual, his commitment to the art of cinema, is nothing short of inspiring. He  reminds me of a master classical composer, who at the same time can sit on a bench and see the art in a kid in the park playing guitar while the friend plays along with drum-sticks on an empty plastic paint can.

I have several more events to cover, and hours to spend editing, but I feel so lucky to have the chance to be a part of such an exciting event.

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