Film Reviews

I am now attending Northwestern University where I’m enrolled in RTF (Radio, Television and Film) department. While I was very happy at the Latin School of Chicago, and still go back to see each theater performance; I’m glad to be done with AP Calculus, and love that I get to take a larger percentage of classes focusing on literature, writing and film. I’m still just getting my feet wet here, but I have met some people that share my love of film and theater and we are already planing on some collaborations. Who knows, maybe I could even get a few of them to post a review here on .

I made this site not to “Talk to people” about films; but to ‘Talk with People” about films. To that end; I would love to have others post comments, list their favorite movies, recommend films, new and old, that they think are worth watching. To this end, I would love to open this up to some friends that share my love on film and who I trust to write insightful, well written reviews and posts. Each time I am able to obtain a “Yes” from another writer, I will proudly list their name and provide them the credit they deserve.

As I said on this site’s homepage; college has a way of filling up significant portions of my waking hours, personal film projects and theater productions swallow up yet another large block of my time, and hey, all work and no play makes Lane a dull boy; so I must reserve some nights to entertainment. I provided this explanation to lower expectation of daily posts, and to point out that simply because I did not review a given film does not mean I did not find it worthy.

My hope is to be able to get a few other trusted friends to contribute to this site thereby expanding its content and providing a greater range of opinions.

Above, under reviews, you will find them listed by year.

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