Traverse City Film Festival

TCFF,  Traverse City

Traverse City Film Festival

A listing of films selected for this years festival

Click Here for Trailers

This will be my 4th year working on the Video team at the festival. I have been notified that I have been moved up to the “A Team,” but I’m still a bit unsure what that actually falls under that title. I assume I will find out soon enough. I’m just happy to be going back, working with and for people I’ve met over the past few years, and seeing some great films.

I’m here to “shoot” and perhaps help edit; so I’m always pressed for time to try to post a few reviews, I have done some past years (see below) and I will try to complete several this year as well.

Traverse City Film Festival 2012 

Traverse City Film Festival 2013

Traverse City Film Festival 2014

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