Best Actor in a Leading Role

Best Actor in a Leading Role

1) George Clooney – The Descendants (TBS)

2) Jean Dujardin – The Artist

3) Brad Pitt – Moneyball

4) Michael Fasbender – Shame (TBS)

5) Leonardo DiCaprio – J. Edgar (TBS)

6) Ryan Gosling – Drive

7) Gary Oldman – Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy (TBS)

8) Michael Shannon – Take Shelter (TBS)

9) Ryan Gosling – The Ides of March

10) Owen Wilson – Midnight in Paris

11) Damien Bichir – A Better Life (TBS)

12) Joseph Gordon Levitt – 50/50 (TBS)

13) Matt Damon – We Bought a Zoo (TBS)

14) Daniel Craig – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

15) Woody Harrelson – Rampart (TBS)

16) Joel Courtney – Super 8

17) Ed Helms – Cedar Rapids

One Response to Best Actor in a Leading Role

  1. Jim Joyce says:

    When you choose these, is it based on your favorite acting, or is it sort of a prediction of the the big critics favorite acting? Do you usually agree with those critics or does it get pretty mixed up? I bet it can get pretty close sometimes, though. Cool site!

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