Trailers soon to hit box offices

We have all heard that a picture can speak a thousand words; well at 24 frames/second, even a short clip or trailer can give one a great deal of insight into a given film. That said, as each of us have learned first-hand; movie trailers can be crafted to make even a piece of “Dog-Doo” like like a polished jem.

It is with this truth in mind that have taken the time to provide detailed reviews of  a collection of films, while also providing select links to trailers. I think it’s fun to be ahead of the curve, and show some clips from film that will soon be released. I will apologize ahead of time understanding that films I list as  up-Coming, quickly arrive, and then fall into the category of  films that have left theatrical release, this process takes place at a pace that exceeds my free time; so please cut me a bit of slack.

There are a number of exciting movies that are “Soon to be released;” here are a few of them.
The Hateful Eight

Mockingjay Part 2



Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

The Revenant

Star Wars

Barely Lethal

Final Girl

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