Unhung Heroes

Unhung heroes

I saw this movie at midnight, after a 14 hour day spent shooting footage documenting the festival; in truth I was rather tired, and questioned the idea of seeing a film about a guy’s quest for a bigger penis with my parents. Ok, that’s a sentence I never expected to write when I first started this blog.

The film opens with the filmmaker in a seedy hotel room, in an African nation, about to have some unlicensed practitioner make the first of 10 injections of some home-made elixir into his penis while his small crew documents the procedure.
Jump back in time 6 months and we see news coverage of the filmmaker proposing marriage on the Jumbo-tron at a televised basketball game, only to be turned down and have her flee the stadium leaving him with a diamond ring and bruised ego. Seeing a person humiliated and in pain was a sight TV news could not resist replaying, and a YouTube video hit over 10 million views. When he confronts the object of his proposal, he is told the reason she said no was that “His dick was too small.”
Rather than crawling into a hole and dying of embarrassment or starvation, whichever came first, he decides to get funding and make a film documenting his search for a way to “Grow” his way out of his problem.

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