Django Unchained

Django-Unchained CinemaShadowDirector: Quentin Tarantino
Writer: Quentin Tarantino


Jamie Foxx … Django
Christoph Waltz … Dr. King Schultz
Leonardo DiCaprio … Calvin Candie
Kerry Washington … Broomhilda
Samuel L. Jackson … Stephen




The story is a tale of  Django (Foxx), a runaway slave, who receives an offer from a bounty hunter named Dr. King Schultz ( Waltz). If Django helps Schultz, in turn he will help him rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner played beautifully by Leonardo DiCaprio .

Django Unchained was long, evil, witty, and unnecessarily bloody! That’s the Tarantino I know and love.  In addition to his roles as writer and director, he turned in a  great extended cameo!
Great performances by everybody, especially Waltz and DiCaprio. Foxx was brilliant as well, but its a part that has to be played a certain way. Samuel L. Jackson gave a befuddling performance that I personally loved, almost as much as the rest of the cast and cameos like Kerry Washington, Don Johnson and Jonah Hill.

In short: Brilliant, blood-soaked script, with Tarantino’s touch that made it all that much better, even if the end dragged ever so slightly.
3 1/2 Stars (just because it could have been shorter) A

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