Best Art Direction

1) Hugo – Francesca Lo Schiavo (Set) and Danti Ferretti (Production)

2) The Artist – Gregory S. Hooper

3) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II – Stuart Craig (Production) and Stephenie McMillan    (Set)

4) War Horse – Rick Carter (Production) and Lee Sandales (Set) (TBS)

5) Jane Eyre – Will Hughes-Jones (Production), Tina Jones (Set), and Karl Probert (Art) (TBS)

6) Tinker Tailor Solider Spy – Maria Djukovic (Production) and Tom Brown (Senior Art) (TBS)

7) J. Edgar – James J. Murakami (Production) and Gary Fettis (Set) (TBS)

8) The Help – Mark Ricker (Production) and Rena DeAngelo (Set)

9) My Week with Marilyn – Donal Woods (Production) and Judy Farr (Set)

10) Midnight in Paris – Anne Seibel (Art/Production) and Hélène Dubreuil (Set)

11) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Donald Graham Burt (Production) and K.C. Fox (Set)

12) A Dangerous Method – James McAteer (Production) and Gernot Thöndel (Set) (TBD)

13) Super 8 – Martin Whist (Production) and Fainche MacCarthy (Set)

14) Hanna – Sarah Greenwood (Production) and Katie Spencer (Set)

15) Drive – Beth Mickle (Production) and Lisa K. Sessions (Set)

16) Moneyball – Jess Goncher (Production) and Nancy Haigh (Set)

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