The Sound of My Voice

Sound of My Voice Brit MarlingWritten by: al Batmanglij, Brit Marling
Original Music by Rostam Batmanglij
Cinematography by Rachel Morrison

Christopher Denham … Peter Aitken
Nicole Vicius … Lorna Michaelson
Brit Marling … Maggie
Davenia McFadden … Carol Briggs
Kandice Stroh … Joanne
Richard Wharton … Klaus

If you’re looking for a movie, with a  Straight-Forward  plot where clear lines are drawn connecting dots- this is not the film  for you. This is not because the story is intentionally confusing, such as in Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, where it was as if you were given a 1,000 piece-puzzle to solve. In that case all the pieces were all given to you, with the Sound of My Voice you are given shapes that shift, and change by your perception. This results in an exercise that will leave some people frustrated and others up for yours, thinking through the possibilities.

Like Another Earth, here again we have Brit Marling writing and acting in a film designed to make us question and refuses to tell us what to think.

The film begins with us watching a 20-something couple following written instructions, drive into a garage, where they are told to shower, dress in white clothes, then are blind-folded, cuffed and led into a van then driven to an undisclosed location. There they are greeted by Klaus who tests them via their ability to repeat an extremely complex secret handshake. It is there we are introduced to Maggie,Brit Marling who claims to be a time traveler from the year 2054.

We watch as our couple Peter and Lorna, now alone back in their own home, reveal the true motivation is not to join the “Cult” but to act as documentary filmmakers determined convinced Maggie is just one more cult leader and a fraud. If fact we learn that peter’s glasses in fact contain a camera. We watch them repeat this nightly process, understanding that they are gathering more information, yet also realizing that, especially Peter is getting drawn deeper in with each passing day.

there are several scenes where we watch Peter at work teaching 8 year old children. There is one girl, long blond hair kept constantly covered by a red knit hat, her name is Abigail Pritchett and she clearly is different than the other kids. As we watch her interact with her classmates, there is little doubt that she is connected to the story in ways that will be pivotal to the plot.

We are given serious reasons to doubt the claims of Maggie, then the next moment we are compelled to ask if Maggie could be telling the truth. This film gives you two questions for every one answer, but it never feels as if the writers are sloppy.

Spoiler Alert.

Here were some of the questions and possible answers that bounced around in my head, keeping me up most of the night. The most fundamental of the questions, is do we believe Maggie when she states she is a time traveler?
1. Why would Maggie wake up in the bathtub submerged under water?
Why, because someone was trying to kill her, that’s why she traveled in time. That’s why she arrived so ill prepared.
If she went to “Save people” why not take at least clothes? The act of someone trying to kill her was the moment she left. So then perhaps she is actually a time traveler.

2. The FBI agent is a fake.
Those are not Federal crimes, as that one article said, why not just follow Peter and Lorna from the house where they park their car, why put the child at risk?
Why would a FBI agent be searching for Electronic bugs in her hotel room.? She can’t be afraid that Maggie’s people bugged her hotel, they couldn’t tell Peter was wearing a camera!
No the FBI agent is a follower of Maggie.
I will guess she is a good guy- it’s the “Father” that’s evil.
The people he works for are the ones that the fake FBI person is afraid is bugging her hotel.
The little girl is a science experiment; one that goes wrong.
Remember the girl gets picked up from school in a black SUV with blacked out windows –  that’s a government vehicle.
3. The shots they are giving that girl and Maggie’s health are tied.
4, the girl might be her daughter or even herself.
I know the years don’t work right but who says in 2054 people can’t look 25 at 50? Especially super enhanced people.

5, Why would Maggie not want to see her own “Grandfather?

6. I just thought of this … The 54 tattoo / why would a time traveler mark a 54 on the self, a small 54 at that?
My guess is that the girl has a 54 on her.
That she is experiment # 54

Holy crap……
How does Maggie know he works at the school?
Because the Fake FBI agent has been following them. And Peter is no accident they say his mother dies when he was 13, she was in a CULT,
Was his mother a time traveler? I will bet there is a relationship between Peter, Abigail and Maggie!

1) possible
2) I think you might be right, but I’m not sure if we should consider Maggie the bad guy
3) yes
4) I highly doubt that it’s her or even her daughter if we assume she’s a time traveler
5) you may have a point there, but it’s hard for me to use that as a determining factor
6) I think ur right about the experiment thing, but she might have a different number.
7) I have no idea. There’s a lot there.
8) is there more to Lorna? They talk about her, too. “Addiction to addiction.”
9) “i saw her grow up and he wasn’t there.” They’re both profetic.

2. No I’m saying the “Father” is the bad guy.
5. Is tricky I agree,
6. I bet she ha a number
7. Something more there.
It can’t be a fluke that he’s there.

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