Searching for Sugar Man

I am heart-sick over the news that Malik Bendjelloul, the director whose documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” won an academy award last year, has killed himself. The Swedish film director was just 36 years old and left behind a grieving family that called him a man who “chased the world for stories to tell.”
“Searching for Sugar Man” won major awards from the Oscars to the writers guilds, as well as awards at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie also gave Sugar Man Rodriguez back the life in the spotlight he so richly deserves. He opened my eyes to a great talent who’s music moves me despite me being just 18 yrs old, and I have had the good fortune of being able to see him perform live twice. Once was at a concert, but the first was at the Traverse City Film Festival when he surprised the audience by performing a few songs after the showing of the film “Searching for Sugar Man.”

I also count myself lucky that I got to meet Malik Bendjelloul while working at the festival. I do not understand what drives one to kill them-self, but I saw nothing that game me any insight as to why he would have taken his own life. He was talented, personable modest and kind. His death is a great loss.

Lane J. Lubell

Searching for Sugar Man.

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