Woody Allen addresses allegations

Larry Lubell, Guest writer 

Clearly Woody Allen’s decision to begin dating the adopted daughter of his current long-time girlfriend, Mai Farrow, showed uniquely poor judgement. Let me also say that my heart goes out to Dylan Farrow, I do not question that she believes she was molested, but that does not mean the event took place. Sexual assault is a vile crime, and when those actions are against a child they are especially damaging. I defend her right to speak out, as I do her brother’s right to stand by his sister. There is no questions that they both suffered from the events stemming from the ugly divorce battle between their parents.

I will say that I do not believe that Woody Allen ever assaulted his child.

Am I a fan of Allen’s legacy in film- Yes. he is without question one of the greatest writer/directors of all time. That statement has no barring on his guilt or innocence, my conclusion is based on the facts as I understand them.

The act which Dylan Farrow spoke of in her letter claimed, Allen led her to a “dim, closet-like attic” and “then he sexually assaulted me.” That accusation that is at the core of this matter, requires that a nanny named Monica Thompson had lied about Dylan not being out of her sight and quitting her job claiming Mia pressured her to support her claims, and that Mia’s allegations resulted in a criminal investigation and the State selected a team of medical experts, from the Yale-New Haven Hospital, especially trained to find evidence of child sexual assault, who after six months concluded that Dylan had not been molested.

Do a search on “False Memory experiments” and see how easy and common it is to place false memories, the tests are chilling.

This is tricky, in that I have nothing but contempt for child molesters, I also fear a Kafkaesque world where an accusation equals guilt. A world where one must prove the innocence and  where even a team of experts declaring no evidence supported your guilt is not sufficient. It is frightening to realize that any of us stand one angry spouse, or disgruntled ex employee away from our lives being destroyed.

Read the article, it does give a significant amount of factual information, then draw your own conclusions.

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