Moonrise Kingdom, a classic Wes Anderson film.

As a Wes Anderson fan, I had been counting down the days till the film opened in Chicago, and I must say Moonrise Kingdom surpassed my expectations. Watching this film it seems clear that Anderson had as much fun making the movie as the audience did watching a master at work.
The whimsical story, set in 1965, centers around the life of 12-year old girl, Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward), and a Khaki scout of the same age, Sam Shakusky (Jared Gilman). They are two misfits on an island of misfits who fall hopelessly in love and hatch a plan both run away and start a new life together.

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When I began this site, I was a student at "The Latin School of Chicago, and it consumed the majority of my waking hours, the remaining time was split between, making movies, hanging with friends, and spending time with family. Toss in eating and a few hours of sleep; and there was not all that much time left over. I provided that explanation to lower expectation of daily posts, and to point out that simply because I did not review a given film does not mean I did not find it worthy; more likely, homework took precedence. I am now attending Northwestern University where I'm enrolled in RTVF (Radio, Television, Video and Film) department. While I was very happy at Latin, and still go back to see each theater performance; I'm glad to be done with AP Calculus, and love that I get to take a larger percentage of classes focusing on literature, philosophy ,writing and film. I'm still just getting my feet wet here, but I have met some people that share my love of film and theater and we are already planing on some collaborations. Who knows, maybe I could even get a few of them to post a review here on . I made this site not to "Talk to people" about films; but to 'Talk with People" about films. To that end; I would love to have others post comments, list their favorite movies, recommend films, new and old, that you think are worth watching.

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